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Zinkod is a social network of the present and future.

Zinkod is a modern, positive ways and solutions for the transfer of information, exchange of goods and services.

Users can easily communicate and integrate their content into the Zinkod interface. Each member of the audience will find the information they are interested in, and will spend time with great pleasure and benefit on the vast resources of the project. At the moment, Zinkod sites are just a demonstration of ideas, opportunities and prospects.the result will be relevant, useful, and in demand for an unlimited time. The project is constantly developing, and this is a special merit of The zinkod participants, who help the development through joint efforts.

Undoubtedly, the development of modern information means the development of the whole world. The described prospects confirm this.

Users will help each other, share information more easily, create and Express themselves by improving the alphabet, zingi dictionary and Zinkod gallery.

Zinkod - an opportunity to participate in the development of a positive social environment that uses technical solutions for the development and rational use of natural resources.

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To add words, rules in the Zinkod language, images, videos, to share information via social networks, please register on our website ( go to the registration paget ), it will not take much time.

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We offer to create and develop. We suggest that you polemize while respecting your interlocutors.

Users of the project post information, taking into account copyright compliance.

A demo version of the project's capabilities and prospects.